"Portraits That Capture the Heart" - by Carol Lesley

About The Medium

Pastels are recognized as an enduring medium on par with oils.

'Pastels are the most permanent of all art mediums because there are no liquid binders that might cause them to darken, fade, yellow, crack or blister with time. There are pastel paintings that were created in the sixteenth century, and their colors are still as bright and vivid as the day they were painted. The name "pastel" comes from the French word Pastiche that describes how pure, powdered pigment is ground into a paste with a small amount of gum binder and then rolled into sticks.' Lesley Harrison, Pastel artist

For my pastel paintings, highest quality pigments are used and the paper and/or board is of archival quality to ensure lasting enjoyment.

Watercolor paintings are free flowing and have a translucency and lightness that captures a glowing moment.  Fine detail in the resemblance is not the goal of the watercolorist.  Luminescence and clarity of color are.

Oil Paintings have been a standard of portrait artists for centuries.  Because of the drying time, more time must be allowed for completion.  As with pastels, fine detail is a hallmark.