"Portraits That Capture the Heart" - by Carol Lesley

Capturing love on paper is no easy task, but Carol Lesley specializes in painting portraits with a heart.  Carol is a native Georgian with a special place in her heart for animals.  Although Carol always had a love of artistic expression, it wasn't until retirement that she had the opportunity to fully follow this passion.  Largely self taught, Carol also studied with Maine portrait and landscape artist, Joan Baragar, and wildlife artist, Alan Young of Jasper, Georgia.

The first work after this new beginning was a pen and ink of her own Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Ruby.  Her own little Ruby girl has been her inspiration.  Carol's main focus now is on commissioned portraits. Her work has been featured in galleries and festivals in North Georgia. Many of her originals and Giclee' prints are enjoyed in private collections.

Although she primarily works in pastels because of their luminosity, Carol also works in Oil or watercolor. Currently, her main focus is on commissioned animal portraits or people with their pets; though, occasionally she does find time to paint from inspiration.

Carol was the Guest Artist at the 2007 American Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Club (ACKCSC) National Championships in Lancaster Pennsylvania in May.  Chosen as the artist featured on the cover of the 2007 Annual and on the cover of the Summer issue of the ACKCSC magazine, The Royal Dispatch, Carol donated the original of "The Happy Family" to be auctioned for the Charitable Trust.  Since then, Carol has been on the cover of The Dispatch twice more with "When Are You Comin' Home", and "Gabriel's Messengers".

Carol is a member of the Sharptop Arts Association of Jasper, The Bent Tree Art Guild, and the Mountain Artists Group of Pickens County.  She and her husband, Mike, are also members of the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Club of Greater Atlanta.

Carol, her husband, Mike, and, of course, Ruby live in Bent Tree, located outside of Jasper, Georgia in the North Georgia Mountains.