"Portraits That Capture the Heart" - by Carol Lesley

Your Pet's Portrait

A portrait of your pet can be created in pastel, watercolor or oils.

Your photographs can be transformed into a cherished reminder of your special family pet. Working with these photographs as reference, a tastefully completed  pastel, watercolor, or oil painting can be yours to enjoy for a lifetime.

A photograph of the frontal face view done at eye level and a side or profile view of the head and shoulders will be needed. Several informal pictures that depict your pet's personality would also help Carol to capture the essence of that personality in the portrait.

Photos need to be taken at the pet's eye level and from a distance of 6 to 8 feet. If flash is used, at least one of your photographs should be taken outside without flash so that the eye color and contours can be well represented.

If your own photographs are not available, we will be glad to take them for you. Please call for an appointment with Mike Lesley.

While photographs can seldom catch our pets at their very best, artist's portraits do!


A standard portrait of an animal features the head and chest and may include some background shading.

Pricing starts at $275 and is based on a standard size with a plain or solid colored background: head and chest.  Framing and matting is necessary for Pastel Paintings due to the delicacy of the medium.

Standard sizes are: 9x12, 11x14, 14x18, or larger if you would like more than one pet in the portrait.

9X12 Pastel - $275. plus $60. framing, $60. for full body, and $60. for a detailed background.

11X14 Pastel - $385. plus $80. framing, $80. for full body, and $80. for a detailed background.

14X18 Pastel - $495. plus $100. framing, $100. for full body, and $100. for a detailed background.

Each additional animal in the painting is 50% of the base price.

Oil Paintings begin at $600. for an 11X 14.

One half of the fee is due upon commission.

Prices do not include framing (unless stated), shipping, or applicable sales tax.  Shipping is actual cost.

(Prices are subject to change without notice)

What are my First Steps?

1. Arrange a consultation with Carol

2. Take your photographs

3. Once you are ready to go, send your photos on their way!